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Tel: 706.614.1777  |  Email:nefy2012@gmail.com




Meet The Chef

Hi I'm Chef Nefy!
I was born and raised in Athens, GA. I've always had love for food! My Grandparents were my biggest inspiration as a child, they were both true food lovers and awesome cooks. I enjoyed spending Holidays with them because it gave me a chance to watch them create magic in the kitchen. As a child I would always go home and try to mimic what my Grandparents did that day with mud, my moms flowers and any other interesting things I found in my moms garden. Back then what I made nothing was ever edible, but it was a wonderful creative outlet for an only child. Those were the good ole days!
Fast Forwarding to a little over a two decades I'm still learning and playing around with food, letting my creativity and imagination run wild. With the help of my Grandparents and The Food Network Channel I was able to create delicious food!
After graduating From Le Cordon Bleu and learning a magnitude of things from food all the way down to the business side of the culinary industry, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some great chefs who taught me ALOT! My creativity has grown a great deal from working at resorts and restaurants and I'm PROUD to say that I have grown to become a great CHEF!
While specializing in many different cuisines, Mytouchoffinesse offer all services from catering, personal chef, and meal prep.

Tel: 706.614.1777  |  Email: nefy2012@gmail.com



Delicious Breakfast/Brunch Menus





You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu!

Dessert Menu

A variety of delicious desserts to end a glorious meal!



At Your Service

Tel: 706.614.1777 | Email:nefy2012@gmail.com Atlanta,Ga


Tell me a little about your event so I can begin the creation process

Weekly Dinner Services


Meal Prep

Basic and Premium Services
Basic Services
  • Chef Will Visit Your Home Two Times a Week And Prepare Two Meals
  • Four One Course Meal Dinners Per Week
  • Food Will Be Packaged And Left With Easy Reheating Instructions
  • Weekly Packages Start At $300 For Four Dinners Per Week
  • Groceries Not Included
Premium Services
  • Four Two Course Meal Dinners Per Week
  • Meal Consist Of Soup Or Salad and an Entrée
  • Delicious Dessert Twice a Month
  • Plate And Serve Meal
  • Weekly Packages Start At $400 For Four Dinners Per Week
  • Groceries Not Included
                              Meal Prep Services
  • 5-Day Meal Plan Starts At $110
  • 6-Day Meal Plan Starts At $130
  • 7-Day Meal Plan Starts At $150
  • One Meal Per Day
  • Two and Three Meal Options Available
  • Heating Instructions
  • Tupperware (One Time Fee)
  • Groceries Not Included
  • Snacks Avaliable

     Chef Services

  • Design Customized Menus For Your Family

  • Do All The Grocery Shopping

  • Purchase The Only Freshest Ingredients

  • Cook Delicious Healthy Meals You Will Love

  • Adhere To Any Dietary Request

  • Romantic Dinners

  • Dinner Parties

  • Special Events

  • Business Events

  • Kids Cooking Classes

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